The Y.P. Heung Foundation was established by an immigrant family to return the generosity and acceptance it received from its adopted country of choice. Since the 1960s, the family and its descendants have continued to reside permanently and with undivided loyalty in the beautiful city of Vancouver, situated in their beloved Canada. To show its appreciation, the family has selected three areas of interest for its charitable efforts: Arts & Culture, Education, and Health.

Y.P. Heung was an entrepreneur and an immigrant, who left his native land of China via a long sojourn in Hong Kong. He arrived on the western shores of Canada in the 1960’s, seeking not only opportunity, but also freedom—freedom not just for himself, but for his whole family. To his adopted country of Canada, which had welcomed him and his family with open arms and kindness, he and his family are forever grateful for the opportunity and freedom they continue to enjoy to this day.

In the conduct of his life, Y.P. Heung subscribed to principles and values that can be summarized simply as the tenet of the “4 H’s”: Hard work, Honesty, Honour and, most importantly, Humility.

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