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Canadian Liver Foundation – LIVERight Gala

YP -LIVERightGala Attendance: November 2012

Canadian Liver Foundation was founded in 1969 and is the first organization to educate the causes of Liver disease and to fully support all aspects of Liver research. Founded by doctors and business leaders who were concerned about the incline in Liver disease. The foundation supports research and education to the cause, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of more than 100 diseases found in the Liver. With over $22 million dedicated to the research, the organization encourages doctors and students to engage deeply into the studies of Liver disease.

All proceeds from the event has benefit Liver research and services for of 400,000 people living with the disease in the regions of BC and the Yukon.


Honour House Gala Fundraiser – “A Night for Heroes”

YP - Night for Heroes sponsorsYP - Night for HeroesGala Attendance: June 2013

In 2011, Honour House was founded as a non-profit and charitable organization. The foundation provides a “home-away from home” for those who are Canadian Forces members and emergency service personnel (fire, paramedics and city police), Canadian Forces family members are also supported by this organization when there’s a time in need of help or receiving treatment in the Lower Mainland area.

Proceeds from the event “A Night for Heroes” has gone towards instilling the security of Honour House by providing free accommodation to the heroes who are in need.

Y.P. Heung Foundation is a proud class “Bronze” sponsor of the event.


Canadian Cancer Society – Gift of Hope Gala Dinner

Gift of Hope Gala DinnerGala Attendance: June 2013

A Gala dinner organized by the B.C. and Yukon Division to invite out Vancouver’s most generous patrons with a passion to help those who are fighting Cancer. Donations are put towards research, clinical trials, allows the Society to take the lead in prevention and extreme support for those facing the battle in Cancer.

In the year 2012, Canadian Cancer Society stated that they have invested in $6 million in medical, prevention research, plus 8 new grants in leading BC research. Innovation grants are given to projects with the potential of making a difference.